Team VISA GlobalCashCard for ONECOIN - Withdrawal Instructions

By Gavin | November 27, 2017

Team VISA GlobalCashCard for ONECOIN - Withdrawal Instructions

This is a short simple video, explaining exactly, how to do with drawers set up your back office pro wallet and how to get paid quickly to your debit card. So, I'm going to login to my new account which you're going to get emailed, set to you telling you all your details, about your pro wallet.

So, this is a test account. So now, we're going to login here. So we're logging in. So once, you login to your pro wallet back office, you'll notice here that 814 points or eight hundred and fourteen dollars has been credited to this pro wallet 745 points or 745 dollars has been debited. Because, that's been a request to be cashed out to the visa card and you can see here. Latest transaction shows you on what dates that you cashed out and then the remaining balance of points or dollars, that's available in your pro wallet account is 69. As an example now, if you click on my account, and you click on change password, that's what you want to do right away. Because, when the company set up your account, they gave you a temporary password. So, put that temporary old password here, put your new password that you want click change password and there you go the next thing, you want to do is look at your profile.

Now on your profile, you'll notice that the pro wallet or wallet code is right here. This is the most important code that you have with your pro wallet never forget this and if you do forget it know that you can find it by clicking on account and my profile and when you do that you're going to use this pro wallet. When you want to transfer money, from one pro while it to another pro wallet or when you're requesting, it would draw you need to know your pro wallet code okay. So that, pro wallet code is for making withdrawal requests. You're going to have to know that information and then if you look in here, you can show how you can cash out to visa that's the next step which we're not going to go into.

Here's all the reports that shows you all the different reporting. This is a very simple easy to understand back office. Now, after you've set up your pro wallet and you change your password and you know your pro wallet code the very. Next step is is to log into your digi coin pro back office okay. This is where you're going to request your withdrawal, you see says withdrawal. But, you have to be logged in in order to do. So click on login once you've logged in click on the training center then what you're going to do is you're going to click on withdraw. Now once, you've clicked on withdraw, it tells you step-by-step what you could do fill out the form, below request withdrawal send the euros from your cash account to designated user name by Saturday. Midnight PST in the comments section of the cash account transfer form, in your one coin back off as type transfer to pro wallet and then put your user name. I'm going to show you exactly, how that works step 3 funds will be sent to your pro wallet back office. Step 4, send money from your pro wallet back office at a later date to your debit card and then receive your funds on your debit card. 

Now, these are two options that you can do you could fill out this form first, but if you notice at the bottom, it's going to ask you have you already sent euros to the user name, which is euro account that is the user name that you're going to be sending the funds to. Now, if you already sent the funds to euro account then you would say, yes and then you'd put the date in that mount withdrawn and you put the date. So, I recommend going in to your back office clicking on your cash accounts. Okay, once you've clicked on your cash account, you're not going to click a request or draw. Okay, this is because, you're using the team debit card. So because, you're using the team debit card, you're not going to click request withdrawal, you're going to click send cash too. Up line when you click send cash too, up line you're going to click the amount that you want to send. So, for this example, it's going to be 300 euros. Okay, once you've done that the recipients user name is euros account. Okay, you need to make sure that you know that it's euro account is the recipients user name. That, that was that user name was set up specifically and only for which request withdrawals. When you want to request a withdrawal from your cash account to the team visa card which is the global cash card. You're going to put your transaction password in there and in the comments section right remember what you're going to put. If you go back here and you look going to tell you in the comments section, you got to put transfer to pro wallet user name. So, what you would say is transfer to pro wallet and the user name is what we're going to use. Just as an example, John Doe one, two, three. Because, that's the it's the same user name, setup for your pro wallet and if you'd like you can also put your wallet code. If you'd like which, if you look here, this is the wallet code. Okay, for this example, you can even put your wallet code, there you go so transfer to pro wallet your user name and your wallet code and then you click send, now you can refresh your page and you'll see here that it shows you, the last remarks will show you that you transfer to euro account transfer to pro wallet.

John Doe and then which is the user name and then the pro wallet ID or code. Okay, now you go back to your training digi coin pro did. You coin pro back office by the requested draw right through withdrawal form and you're going to put in your info user name John Doe one, two, three, email address. One, two, three at, let's say yahoo com, you put your phone number, you could classify what kind of phone number, it is like mobile. Okay, so let's say that's your mobile number. You're going to put your wallet code in here. I need to know where to send the euros, need to be sent or the money needs to be sent to your wallet code. So, and you go in here, remember this is your wallet code, you're going to copy it or you can write this down or copy it and paste it whatever. You want to do you put your wallet code, their total of number of euros withdrawn which was 300.

Have you already sent euros to euro account and the answer is, yes, I did. If you didn't do it and you feel about the form first and you're going to put no. But, you know you could click yes. Because, I showed you that I already sent the euros to the euro account, the user name is euro account and then what was the date.

It was three dash 28,2016 that way they can reconcile that the money has been sent. Now, there is a disclaimer, I need you to notice. If you send the euros and you send your money from your cash account to the wrong account that is not our responsibility, as one hundred percent your responsibility to use. If you set the euros to the wrong account, you could lose that euros forever. Okay, and there's no way of us getting it back for you. So, I need you to understand that. So, when you go into your one coin back office, make sure that you click send cash too up line, not request your draw send cash too up line and if you need, you're a leader or your sponsor to help you. 

Make sure they do this, you're going to transfer the user name that you're going to use is euro account that is the user name. It was set up specifically for this purpose you're going to transfer your euros from your cash account to up line user name euro account that's it's that simple. If you send it to another account, you send it somewhere else. There's no way of us reconciling that or getting that back for you. You need to understand that. So then at that point, when you click submit that you've set the euros to the user name euro account.

There, you go, you just set click submit. Thank you, your request has been received and that's it. So, to figure out, how much is going to be credited to your account in points. Okay, you're going to take 300 which was the amount that was requested in euros. You're going to times it by whatever, the euro dollar rate is for the day which today, the dollar to euro rate is 1 point 1 2 which equals 336 points, are going to be credit to this account minus. The 15-dollar, one-time transaction fee. Okay, so minus 15, it's equals 3 21, so 321 points are going to be credited to your account.

Now, it's important for you to understand is that in the future. If let's say you request over a thousand euros then it's not going to be 15, it'll end up being 1.5%. Now once, the points have showed up into your account, the very next step that you're going to do is you're going to go to funds and you're going to click on cash out to visa card. You click cash out to visa card, you're going to click on the amount and let's say you wanted to transfer out three hundred dollars.

Now this is in dollars. So remember, you're credited, let's say you know 321 dollars, so let's say you wanted to cash out to your visa card. You could cash out three hundred bucks and then you put in your password and then you click cash out and it shows you right. Here, anything below a thousand PV to cash out as a 15 PV of $15 fee to cash out fee for 1000 and above points. It's going to be one and a half percent. So, that's basically how simple that is and then once you put in your password, you click submit and the funds will be transferred to your visa card.