GlobalCashCard Training

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

GlobalCashCard Training

Hello everybody. Well, good morning, good afternoon or good evening. This is Syed Modesto, with you live from the buy today, we're going to be discussing about how you can use your global cash card.

We'll be going through the steps of how you can activate it? How you can use it? How you can check your balance online and how you can go to the ATM and withdraw from it. Okay, you might want to scratch that last part, I think everybody knows, how to withdraw it from an ATM? Let's go what you do.

First is you click start, you hit Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, whatever it is that you use go to older in this case, it would be hang on what's my birthday. Okay, there you go you click continue, it brings you up. So, since this is the first time that you're login. You'll need to personalize your user name, a password and a pen very very simple to come up with either of these three and let's do it. So, user name is this is my user name, a password needs to be eight to twenty characters. It needs to have no spaces or symbols, a number one lower case letter, one upper case letter and it cannot be the same as the user name. 

So, you might want to come over the password that matches all that criteria and you will have to retype it. So that, it confirms the matches use your security check and you need to come up with a four digit PIN that you do not forget. So, when you go to the ATM, you will have to insert it, in order to withdraw from your global cash card. So, all of this other information that you see missing over here which I've hidden due to personal reasons will already be there, for you all that you need to do is simply put in your email ID. For example, let's go date of birth where I live is on earth and my email is my government ID number which would be. 

First, I need to select the government type. For example, a passport number and issue date and an expiry date of that particular ID, after all that is done. All you need to do is click Submit. Once that is done, you will have a screen that will tell you your account has been successfully setup, please proceed to login. I suggest that you do go and login. So, that you know what you're looking at and if you can successfully, log in this is what we do.

Next, you go to support my video that is the support site or you could log in to your back office and you will find the same link here for you. If you've not registered, please click register, you will have to fill in this form, click register and you will receive a link on your email id, type in your email tap, in your password and click login. Once you've logged in, it'll show you, your name, your account details, an option for you to change your password and an option for you to submit a ticket. 

Select the category as accounting and click Next to proceed, set the priority as height and enter the subject as loading of commissions and just ride them a bit of a formal statements saying that you have received your global cash card, with the 16 digit and ask them to load all of your commissions onto it. Thank you and hit submit, you will immediately receive an email, with the ticket number that you can follow with your ticket on with the support team and you can use that ticket, reference number to check. If your ticket has been answered or not. So, once you have the ticket number, once you have it, all going go out there and Braque your MVT business. So, that you have a good amount of dollars to withdraw from your global cash card, that feeling is bliss, that feeling is the feeling of success. So, that's all folks the rates of the global cash card depend according to the dollar in different countries. So, for that I will have to ask you to get back here, successful upline leaders and you have that particular info from them based in the country, on which you're currently residing.

Thank you very much for watching this tutorial, have a nice day and keep subscribing. Let's keep building my video talk, let's keep changing people's lives.