Getting My Black Card - GlobalCashCard

By Gavin | January 22, 2019

I want to talk to you more about one of my favorite apps - the Kashyap, I still haven't figured out where to set the brightness on this new iPhone. Let's see if this looks any better.

The cache app not only lets you send money to friends and receive money from friends, but you click up the link you can actually get a cash debit card sent to you, which is exactly what I did and it was sent to me Hashtag cash card. I'm going to open this up and see what it looks like. It's a really slick nice-looking black card, I use tweezers to open mail it works really well, that is visa cash card, activate your card that looks slick.

Now you can actually add a design to it if you want, and it looks really nice, but I just prefer like clean black look, so I opted it out and I didn't put anything on there, and it looks amazing. Fancy imagine paying with this, people maybe ask where do you work it and that looks nice.

What you can do is you can load up money on this card, not only if your friend sends you money can it go directly to the card instead of your bank account, but you can add cash, and you can put whatever amount of money you want on it. Let me put like 23 dollars on it right there, and you hit add 23, and it's there, and now I can walk in somewhere, once I activate this I can walk in somewhere, swipe this card and it just like a debit card.

If you want to download this app and get the card you can contact with me, I'll explain how you can download the app, use my referral code and get five bucks for installing it and using it. Make sure follow the instructions and you get free money.